‘Fire and Water’ Traps

The ‘Fire and Water’ Booster Pack for Orcs Must Die 2 (available through steam for $4.99) brings a set of new traps to the player Spellbook. The Dart Spitter, Floor Portal, and Web Shooter each bring unique features to OMD2 ranging from teleportation to massive slows to attacks reminiscent of Temple of Doom. Below are specific details about each trap including: upgrades, cost, trap size, trigger range, attack range, attack duration, and reset time. How will use these new traps? Leave a comment below and let us know how you plan to integrate these traps into your strategy!

‘Fire and Water’ Trap Specifications

Dart Splitter

Fire and Water Dart Spitter Trap
Dart Spitter has a long range AOE projectile attack

-Spits Darts Filled with Acid; Resets after Firing

Ceiling Trap
Upgrade (3, 7, 15): Darts do additional damage
Unique 1 (6): Darts sometimes freeze enemies
Unique 2 (6): Darts sometimes charm enemies
Cost: 900 Coin
Size: 1 square
Trigger Range: 9 squares (3×3)
Attack Range: >9 squares(3×3)?
Trigger Delay: ~1 second
Attack Duration: 2 seconds
Reset Time: 15 seconds

Floor Portal:

Fire and Water Floor Portal Trap
The Floor Portal teleports enemies back to the beginning.

-Teleports Enemies back to the Start; Resets after Firing

Floor Trap
Upgrade (3, 7, 15): Floor Portals reset faster
Unique 1 (6): Enemy catches on fire when teleported
Unique 2 (6): Enemies sometimes leave coins behind when teleported
Cost: 1200 Coin
Size: 1 square
Trigger Range: 1 square
Attack Duration: 1 enemy
Reset Time: 30, 25, 22.5, 20 seconds (upgrade)

Web Spinner:

Web Spinner slows all enemies in range for 2 seconds.

-Sprays Webs on Enemies; Fire Will Burn the Webs Off

Wall Trap/Ceiling Trap (Upgrade)
Upgrade (3, 8, 16): Webs slow enemies longer
Unique 1 (6): Burning webs deal damamge
Unique 2 (6): Webs weaken enemies, causing them to take increased damage
Special (13): Web Sprayer can now be placed on the ceiling
Cost: 900 Coin
Size: 1 square
Trigger Range: 1 sq. (ceiling); 3 sq. (wall)
Attack Range: 1 sq. (ceiling); 3 sq. (wall)
Attack Duration: 2 seconds
Reset Time: 10 seconds

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