Here is a complete list of trinkets you can earn or purchase in the game.
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4 comments on “Trinkets
  1. Michael says:

    do i have the passive effect of a trinket even when i m not holding it?

    i used the trap reset trinket and traps reloaded exactly as fast when holding it or not.
    and it seems to not reset all traps perfektly when used, like brimstones only get resetted when they have 0 charges left, same goes for shock zappers …

    and a question to the scavenger trinket, what does “Active: all enemies worth extra coin” mean ? every enemie present at the time of activation drops more gold upon death ? or are they all killed and produce money ? ;-D

    • The passive on trinkets are always running, as long as it’s in one of your slots. You can see this best with the healing trinket, just watch your health slowly rise after getting hit. I haven’t timed out the trap reset trinket, but I know that it’s supposed to work regardless of if it’s your currently highlighted item or not.

      My impression of the scavenger trinket is that any enemy killed during the time of the active will give you one more gold than it normally would. Again, this is not something that I have checked, that’s just how I read it. I’ll look into testing that next time I have a chance, and then update the page with what I find.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Papoulka says:

    The trap reset trinket does not seem to be reliable in Active mode. When I have it selected (its icon is large and I am wearing it) and press left-mouse, it will only sometimes reset my arrow traps. Two-thirds of the time it does not – they stay empty. Pressing right-mouse seems to do nothing at all. Is there any explanation for this? Is this what’s intended or is something wrong?

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