Slaying orcs is a fun yet difficult task.  Choosing the right weapon or weapons is crucial to staying alive, protecting rift points, and rising up the leaderboard.  OMD2 Guide provides a comprehensive table of every available weapon within Orcs Must Die 2.  With the perfect combination of traps, trinkets, weapons, strategies, orcs will most certainly die at your hand.


Below is a complete list of every available weapon with its associated costs, unique features, and special upgrades.


Alchemist's Satchel
Alchemist's Satchel - Cost: 14 skulls

Primary: places acid bombs
Secondary: remotely detonates them
Upgrade (3, 8, 16) - Alchemy bombs deal increased damage and have increased area of effect.
Unique 1 (6) - Acid bombs slow enemies for a few seconds
Unique 2 (6) - Acid bombs destroyed by traps or weapons deal additional acid damage over a brief time.
Bladestaff - Cost: 8 skulls

Primary: attack the enemy up close
Secondary: knock enemies away
Upgrade (2, 6, 13) - Bladestaff deals increased damage
Unique 1 (5) - Dealing damage with the bladestaff briefly increases run speed
Unique 2 (5) - Dealing damage with the bladestaff grants a shielding effect
Blunderbuss (War Mage only) - Cost: Free

Primary: attacks the enemy at a distance
Secondary: launch grenades that throw enemies
Upgrade (2, 5, 11) - Blunderbuss grenades deal more damage and cost less mana
Unique 1 (5) - Blunderbuss primary attack sometimes causes targets to briefly bleed
Unique 2 (5) - Blunderbuss primary attack sometimes knocks back heavy enemies

Bone Amulet
Bone Amulet - Cost: 12 skulls

Primary: bones of dead orcs explode from the ground doing damage
Secondary: summons bone golem
Upgrade (3, 7, 15) - Increases bone golem health and attack damage
Unique 1 (5) - Bone amulet primary attack goes further
Unique 2 (5) - Bone amulet primary attack deals more damage
Crossbow - Cost: 8 skulls

Primary: attack the enemy at range
Secondary: launch a stun bomb
Upgrade (2, 6, 13) - Headshots deal extra damage
Unique 1 (5) - Primary attack sometimes sets targets on fire
Unique 2 (5) - Headshots generate mana
Dwarven Hammer
Dwarven Hammer (War Mage only) - Cost: 13 skulls

Primary: attack the enemy up close
Secondary: whirlwind mode that drains mana
Upgrade (3, 7, 15) - Whirlwind attack does increased damage
Unique 1 (6) - Take less damage while using whirlwind
Unique 2 (6) - Primary attack stuns enemy
Flame Bracers
Flame Bracers - Cost: Free*

Primary: throw fireballs
Secondary: summon a flame wall
Upgrade (3, 6, 13) - Fireballs cost less mana and burn targets longer
Unique 1 (5) - Fire Wall lasts longer
Unique 2 (5) - Fire Wall briefly stuns enemies
*Unlocked after Upstairs Downstairs
Ice Amulet
Ice Amulet - Cost: Free*

Primary: freeze enemies at range
Secondary: area frost attack freezes nearby enemies
Upgrade (3, 7, 14) - Adds an additional ice projectile to primary attack
Unique 1 (6) - Enemies frozen by secondary attack are left chilled after they thaw
Unique 2 (6) - Enemies frozen by secondary attack take additional damage
*Unlocked after Servant Entrance
Polymorph Ring
Polymorph Ring (Sorceress only) - Cost: 13 skulls

Primary: randomly transforms enemies
Secondary: transform yourself into an ogre
Upgrade (3, 7, 15) - Primary attack has less chance for monster transformations, increased chance for chicken
Unique 1 (6) - Secondary transforms you into a frost ogre, who deals ice damage and is resistant to ice effects
Unique 2 (6) - Secondary transforms you into a fire ogre, who deals fire damage and is resistant to fire effects
Ring of Lightning
Ring of Lightning - Cost: 12 skulls

Primary: cast chain lightning at enemies
Secondary: summons a storm of lightning
Upgrade (3, 7, 15) - Primary attack chains to an additional target
Unique 1 (6) - Lightning Storm now also chills some enemies
Unique 2 (6) - Lightning Storm duration increased
Sceptre of Domination
Sceptre of Domination (Sorceress only) - Cost: Free

Primary: fast ranged attack; can be charged
Secondary: charm an enemy for a time
Upgrade (2, 5, 11) - Charm lasts longer and charm death causes more damage
Unique 1 (5) - Fully-charged primary attack has a larger radius
Unique 2 (5) - Primary attack deals extra damage to charmed enemies
Vampiric Gauntlets
Vampiric Gauntlets - Cost: 14 skulls

Primary: drains enemy health
Secondary: trades health for mana
Upgrade (3, 8, 16) - Primary does additional damage and healing
Unique 1 (6) - Enemies are immobilized for a short time
Unique 2 (6) - Secondary health to mana conversion rate improved
Wind Belt
Wind Belt - Cost: 10 skulls

Primary: throw enemies backwards
Secondary: pick up and drop enemies and objects
Upgrade (3, 6, 14) - Primary attack has increased range, increased strength, and decreased mana cost
Unique 1 (6) - Picked-up enemies explode when thrown
Unique 2 (6) - Picked-up enemies take damage while slowly healing the player

Right click items on map to bring them to you from a distance.

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