Traps make Orcs Must Die 2 the game that it is.  From poison-spreading floor spikes to giant swinging maces,  traps ensure that, in Orcs Must Die 2, orcs are dying by the cart load.  Although traps make killing orcs much simpler in many cases, having traps does not ensure victory.  There are good trap combinations and there are bad trap combinations.  As the player, it is up to you to develop your own personal style.  OMD2 Guide provides the information you need to create combinations of traps, weapons, trinkets, and strategy to dominate the leaderboard and maybe impress that special someone? Check back often to see personal spellbook recommendations from Orcs Must Die 2 Guide and from the pros online.

The Table below contains every trap available in Orcs Must Die 2 with each traps’ associated cost, upgrade cost, unique features, and special upgrades.

[table id=6 /]

3 comments on “Traps
  1. Michael says:

    i have a few questions about the traps if thats ok

    – does any enemy target barracks ? even if i m not there ?
    – when the boom barrel dispencer is placed at a not even ground, does the barrel roll down and does it spawn endless new ones?
    – what does “Unique 2 (6): Flames cover a larger arc” at the floor scorcher mean ?? longer range ? higher range ?
    – do grinders kill “weak” orcs instant even after endless level 40 where they have tons of hp ? same goes for swinging mace&wallBlades
    – it the shock zapper usefull on walls against non-flying enemies or am i better of with the “classic” wall traps ?
    – can the spring trap (with the modification) even throw the biggest trolls ? ( the grey ones ) and the biggest elementals ?
    – what it the use for steam traps ? do they send the big enemies flying too ?

  2. Szlachta says:

    I heard that the wall blades deal the most damage. I don’t have any real data, but my money is on a fully upgraded grinder, or swinging mace.

  3. Si says:

    Only the kobold sappers go for barricades unless you or a guardian is near them.
    Yes, the barrels will roll down ramps/steps and keep spawning even if the previous ones are still there.
    The scorcher upgrade means it shoots over a greater angle so gets enemies to the sides more.

    Not sure about the rest, I haven’t used them much.

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