Vanity: Skins

Every good orc slaying hero needs a good skin to strike fear into the hearts of their foes.  Fortunately, Orcs Must Die 2 provides just such an opportunity.  Skin options for the sorceress include Exiled, Summertime, Classic Order, and Knight of the Order. War Mage skins including Miner, Orc Slayer, Classic Order, and Knight of the Order.  Take a peak at the character skin that fits your style, make your pick, and then head over to the Weapons page or Trinkets page to select you slaying equipment or head over to the Maps page to select your hunting ground.  Happy Slaying!


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5 comments on “Vanity: Skins
  1. Baconator says:

    I believe you are missing Orcskin for Sorceress

  2. River Raiana says:

    Where can we find full pictures? (I’m looking to cosplay lol)

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