Fire & Water Booster Pack – 5 Ways This May Impact the Game

Orcs Must Die! 2 recently announced the upcoming release of their first DLC (downloadable content) Fire & Water. Within this booster pack are several interesting additions to this tower defense PC game. Three new levels will be available for both single-player and co-op. Traffic Jammed, Double Decker, and The West Wing wait to be explored and orcs wait to die within. Read more ›

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3 Reasons Why Tar is the Best Trap

Tar is a unique trap for the War Mage in Orcs Must Die 2. Its sole function is to slow enemies that enter its area. Many traps in OMD2 are fun, exciting, have lots of actions, can add affliction bonuses for combos, and have awesome animation. Unfortunately, Tar isn’t one of these. Although Tar isn’t the flashiest trap, don’t let its simplicity deceive you! The influence that Tar has within a level is second to none. Tar is the best trap in Orcs Must Die 2 because it guarantees victory when used correctly. Read more ›

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How OMD2 Calculates “Skull Score”

Many people have been asking about the “Skull Score” in the Stats page after each game of Orcs Must Die 2. I decided to do some research and figure it out for myself. A full day later my desk is covered in post-it notes with scrappy hand-written thoughts and results from game after game to verify my ideas. Here is what I’ve come up with. Read more ›

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Choosing between the War Mage and the Sorceress: A Comparison

Orcs Must Die 2 features two dynamic characters, the War Mage and the Sorceress. These characters have a few key differences that distinguish them from one another and make their play style unique. Matching character attributes to gameplay style should be considered when making your choice. Read more ›

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Sorceress – Charging the Sceptre of Domination

The primary weapon of the Sorceress, the Sceptre of Domination, has three versions to the basic attack. Clicking will provide a single target, high-speed but low damage attack. Holding the mouse down for a little less than a second will increase the damage of the spell but retain the single-target aspect. Holding down for a little longer charges the weapon completely and releases a high-damage, area-of-effect (aoe) exploding force that can knock back smaller enemies. Here is an in-depth look at when each of those attacks is appropriate. Read more ›

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Orcs Must Die 2 Gnolls-Kill them Now!

Gnolls appear throughout War Mage and Nightmare story mode in Orcs Must Die 2. They are also a common enemy in every endless mode map. While dealing with one or two gnolls is an accomplishable chore, packs of Hunters can make a player’s life a terror. Take a look at why gnolls present a challenge for players and how to overcome those challenges. Read more ›

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