3 Reasons Why Tar is the Best Trap

3 Reasons Why Tar is the Best Trap

Tar is a unique trap for the War Mage in Orcs Must Die 2. Its sole function is to slow enemies that enter its area. Many traps in OMD2 are fun, exciting, have lots of actions, can add affliction bonuses for combos, and have awesome animation. Unfortunately, Tar isn’t one of these. Although Tar isn’t the flashiest trap, don’t let its simplicity deceive you! The influence that Tar has within a level is second to none. Tar is the best trap in Orcs Must Die 2 because it guarantees victory when used correctly.

3 Reasons why Tar is the Best Trap in Orcs Must Die! 2:

1. Cost.

Tar traps cost 300 coin when the reduced price is fully upgraded. The benefit of a cheap trap is simple: Less coin per trap equals more traps. Tar is one of the cheapest permanent traps in Orcs Must Die 2 right on par with the Steam Trap, Pushers, Spike Trap and Coin Forge. While these traps may be cheap, their overall value doesn’t compare to Tar (discussed later). With starting coin often being a limiting factor at the beginning of levels, having a cheap and effective trap can make difficult early waves manageable. Tar provides a powerful slow at a cheap price.

2. Always Active.

Tar traps slow everything that touches them all the time. That’s right! Everything! Tar traps are the only traps in OMD2 that are always active. Swinging maces are constantly on, but only swing once every few seconds. Brimstone hits many enemies at a time, even up to five, but must recharge after its limit of enemies is reached. Tar, on the other hand, hits everything that touches it, all the time, without fail. Tar will slow single enemies, groups of enemies, from Kobold Runners to Mountain Trolls and all other enemies in-between. Having a perpetual slow provides a huge advantage. For keeping orcs where you want them, Tar is the best trap out there.

3. Overpowered Slow.

In a fast-paced game like Orcs Must Die 2, slowing things down can mean the difference between winning and losing. Slowing enemies provides three major benefits. First, slowed enemies are easier to hit with weapons. This can be the difference between a head shot and a flat-out miss. Couple the Tar slow with a stun and killing orcs is like shooting fish in a barrel. Second, slowed enemies stay inside killboxes and choke points longer, resulting in greater combo potential and reduced stress. Many high damage traps require significant reset time. Slowing enemies helps keep them in place until traps are active again. Third, slowed enemies are easier to manage. This includes difficult types such as Kobolds and Gnolls. Kobolds are slowed by Tar and become unable to dodge traps. Gnolls are also slowed by tar and become much easier to handle or run away from. With an upgraded slow that is always active, Tar almost seems overpowered.

Many traps in Orcs Must Die 2 slow enemies, including Arrow Walls with chill, Acid Sprayers with poison, and Ice Vents with freeze. Tar traps, however, outclasses them all when comparing value, influence, and effect. No other trap can significantly influence every enemy within a level the way that Tar does, period. This is why Tar is the best. Its just too bad its only available for the War Mage.

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4 Comments on “3 Reasons Why Tar is the Best Trap

  1. 1. Spikes are cheaper, while coinforge covers a larger area for the same price
    2. So is coinforge
    3. only good point, but op slow is whats to be expected from tar

    • Your points are valid. Tar is the best because it has all three of these at the same time. No other trap offers all three at the quality that Tar does. Thanks for the comment!

  2. i think its true, tar is on most maps (and everyone i played endless so far) the best trap.

    ur problem after round 40 isnt killing 1000000 of orcs, its killing mountain trolls and earth lords …. with tar u have 3x the time for killing them and can taunt them around much easier.

  3. Yes, a very good trap. But Floor Scorcher for me is much better. I use them in reverse so they do not target the enemy but throw them back. 4 lines of that and no smaller enemy can ever pass. So it’s slowing enemy and doing huge damage. After that comes lines of tar for bigger enemies. Traps should be made so that first one deals with smaller enemies and then you change traps for bigger enemies that are all that’s left.